It should not have to hurt

My approach is simple:  Fitness and activity should feel good & make you capable. It does not have to hurt. That applies to recreational gym goers,  professional athletes, seniors and everything in between

There is no need to reinvent the wheel or change things that are proven to work. Consistency, mindfulness and understanding are the key to results & the best you.

If your looking for change or better way to exercise and workout let’s connect!

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Ryan Grenier

Ryan Grenier

Over 20 years of experience in the fitness & nutrition industry

BS Exercise Science

Quick Philosophy of Ryan

You have to be willing to compromise and change.

People struggle to regain their fitness because they remember what they did to get in shape when they were younger and try to repeat that process. Or they jump on the current trend in training or nutrition and and go all in, not taking into account how your lifestyle can affect one of the fundamental pillars of success. Consistency that works with your lifestyle is the key for results that are going to stick.  Mental stress, life’s responsibilities and physical limitations need to be taken into account when designing your week of activity in and outside the gym. Learn how to train the person you are by learning to understanding what your body is telling you it wants and needs.

About Ryan Grenier

Looking back on my early days of training and racing. I bought into the concept that if I was mentally strong and could suffer that I would be elite.  After all, no one could push as hard as I could and I wanted to win more than anybody.  Suffering for years with this type of outlook, with mediocre results and a level of hurt that no words can explain, I knew something had to change. That or I would have to quit. I was mentally strong but years of hurting, pushing harder and doing more was not getting me to where I wanted to be. I was getting burnt out. I consciously made a change to use technology along with proper conditioning and training to lay the path to where I wanted to go. I have not looked back since.

My years of experience will help shape and teach you how to understand how your body reacts to exercise, and nutrition.  All this can be done planning your week based around your individual goals and needs. This process is a constant work in progress. You will be learning as you go inturn getting results that are easy to work into your lifestyle.

I have been involved in some aspect of fitness and nutrition since day I was fifteen. I started working professionally in the field in 1990 and continue to learn and grow.

Training Authentication

Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, C.S.C.S., Senior Fitness Specialist, General/Sports Specific Nutritional Counseling,  American Kettlebell Coach/Instructor,  Certified Pre/Post Natal Instruction, Certified Functional Movement Screening,  Certified TRX Instructor, W.K.C Certified Coach and Judge

Past Training Locations

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: St. Regis Hotel and Residence, Presidio Golf & Concordia Club, M2 Revolution, Concordia Argonaut, Crunch Fitness, Pinnacle Fitness

PLYMOUTH STATE NH: Portland Tennis and Racket Club.

There is so much information about health and nutrition. Anything and everything can be Googled supporting whatever the side of the fence you are on. The unfortunate thing is, there is no one size fits all. That’s where I come in. My whole life has been dedicated to understanding the field of fitness and nutrition.  I can help you find what will work for you.

There is a certain personality trait the I have consistently come in contact with who hands down see the best, quickest and longest success.  These particular characteristics don’t only pertain to fitness they can be found in the world of business, parenting, relationships and athletics.  These people are constantly learning and evolving. They are looking for a better self no matter what level of success.  They need to be willing to acknowledge they have achieved. If this sounds like the person you are or are striving to be then let me help you be the best you!  My results have been proven to work.

The type of people that I work with are mostly executives and business professionals. Every once and awhile I get a professional athlete who is looking to incorporate a strength and conditioning plan into their routine. Incorporating these elements can be a concern for many athletes because they risk carrying additional soreness and fatigue on top of their professional skill set. This is where I come in as a specialist. Not everyone, even professionals, understand consistency and a balanced approach.  It is hard to look at oneself in the mirror or to let go of wrong mindsets.

Bottom line, I will teach you how to train smart and treat you like a professional.  If it was as easy as just pushing hard or simply doing the work, then everyone would be an elite.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is for people who are too busy to physically meet with a trainer. There are two sides to this approach.  You have a basic understanding of exercise and just need a bit of guidance on how to best manage your time, so you can get the most out of your effort. The other side of executive coaching is that you would like to start on your path to being fit but don’t know where or what to do.   As your personal coach, we establish a schedule that works around your busy life via a weekly phone call. We establish short term goals that are achievable.  We set you up for success so you can experience what feeling good feels like and get that ball of success rolling.

During our weekly check-in, we make adjustments to your nutrition and exercise goals and personally tailor them to you. For example, we might come up with a plan that just does not seem to work for you. That does not mean that you just can’t or don’t do it.  I see it as that given goal just might not be the right place to start. This is where our conversations come into play. We can make adjustments as needed so things start moving in the right direction. As you start grasping the concepts, we build on that success.

One other thing a good coach can do is help when you might tend to slip. Is it when you travel for work? Is it when you go out to eat? Having an open dialogue can directly lead you to making better choices for longer success. More importantly, I can help you keep your eye on the prize knowing that it is always a work in progress.

Travel considerations – if your traveling for work or traveling for pleasure let me help you stay on track.  This is where weekly coaching calls can really pay off.  If you travel a lot for work or on occasion, our check-ins can make sure you are meeting your goals no matter your situation.

What to Expect

The first phone call is a meet and greet and we come up with some things that need attention to achieve the intended result. At the end of that first phone call, we will setup our next phone call. During the follow up chat, we can make adjustments to the assignments we gave you the last time to build from.

At the end of each call you will get a bullet point list of the things we talked about and I will give exercises to assist you in achieving your  designated goal(s).

Pricing & Payment Info


Payments are due at the first of the month for the upcoming coaching plan.

Payments can be made via PayPal, Venmo, cash or check.

Committing to the first step can be a bit overwhelming. Take me up on a free consultation and find out how easy getting started can be!  Call (415) 279-7686 for details.

Personal Training

A good personal trainer can take the roll of a doctor in a lot of ways.

I have had clients who come to me in chronic pain and want relief in other ways than taking pills. I work with people who are battling Cancer or are Cancer survivors looking to get back to a baseline of activity.

I pick up where physical therapy leaves off. I can with bridging the gap from therapy to consistent activity and capability.

Balance, mobility and independence can be yours to keep!

Benefits of Personal Training

  • Accountability, which is negotiable
  • Learn the process of how your body reacts to exercise
  • Professional dietary and nutritional facts
  • Advice on eating for balance, energy, and long term weight loss
  • understanding what a given exercise should feel like
  • Waking up feeling tighter and slimmer
  • Better posture/standing taller
  • Walking with confidence
  • Balance and stability
Pricing & Payment Info


Payments are due at the first of the month for the upcoming training plan.

Payments can be made via PayPal, Venmo, cash or check.

Travel considerations – if your traveling for work or traveling for pleasure let me help you stay on track. If you travel a lot for work or on occasion, our check-ins can make sure you are meeting your goals no matter your situation. 

What I Do

Over the years I have developed fundamental approach that is underlying concept for everyone I work with. No matter what your fitness level is or your activity level we will look at your week in training and address balance, endurance, strength, flexibility, mobility, nutrition and recovery. Depending on on your immediate needs, we can choose to prioritize some of these aspects over others.

A well designed strength and flexibility plan will teach you to understand how and where a stretch/exercise is supposed to feel. This information is important for us to know because when participating in a workout, activity or sport the movements should feel familiar allowing you to understand and know where your limits are so you reduce the risk of injury and overtraining.

Mobility is one of those things that I like to work in movement based warm ups.  Many of our aches and pains derive from our inability to move as we are supposed to. Over time as we sit for prolonged periods of time and have suffered injuries in the years past, our body compensates to avoid that pain by avoiding certain movements. Thats okay in the short term but if you don’t address this quickly the body will stop use of that muscle or joint indefinitely.  This process of general pain and discomfort can exaggerate the feeling and are energy leaks.  If not managed properly, overtime it can develop into a serious injury resulting in a prolonged period of recovery and or worst case having to stop doing something because of pain.  This is last resort because no one at any age should say they cannot do something physically.

My approach to nutrition is simple. I have my professional opinions on particular topics but for the purposes of painting the picture, these are some of the principles I subscribe to that will help you understand. The 80/20 rule is a lifestyle approach. We control the controllable 80% of the time and are mindful to what we cannot control 20% of the time.  Every time you eat you should eat whole foods that include fats, protein and carbohydrates. I subscribe to the approach that food is like medicine. Food is going to make you feel a particular way and understand what the food you eat does to you is the first step in setting your day up for success.

Working on endurance pays so many dividends in so many ways.  With today’s technology you can quantitatively measure your progress allowing you to see your success very quickly. Aerobic conditioning (otherwise known as working on your endurance) for the the general/special population its critical because when we become fatigued our risk for injury is greatly increased. By developing greater endurance you are able to get threw your day with greater ease with less discomfort lessening the chance of injury.

I like address balance in a playful approach. Most of the people I work with want to address balance specifically. I understand where you’re coming from and why this is so important for so many people. We could spend all day trying to master a specific balance drill and never get it. With my approach we sprinkled in drills that are progressive and challenging while gaining the benefit from the artfull correction of loosing your balance.  Touching on all of the skills within a session keeps things fun, entertaining and passes the time by quickly!

Finally we have recovery. This need ranges on the age, experience and type of activity of the client. Just for sake of keeping things simple, we don’t get stronger doing the exercise we get stronger recovering from it. I can’t tell you how many times I hear people say that they were SO SORE from there workout. For some reason this is associated the having a really good workout. Being sore for a week is not a good sign of a great workout. Being sore and exhausted for long periods of time is  counterproductive when it comes to ANY fitness goal.  Being so sore that you can hardly get threw your day is not going to set you up for a successful week in training. The idea is to train often (threw proper planning of your week based on your schedule) reserving enough energy to make good decisions with your eating, not feeling behind in the daily process of achieving your goal




  • Over 20 years of experience in the fitness & nutrition industry
  • BS Exercise Science
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“Ryan is amazingly knowledgeable about exercise, body anatomy, and food! He was inspirational in helping me get back into exercising and caring about what I ate and how it impacted my body. I never thought I would love sauerkraut as much as I do now. Exercising has become fun again, and while I don't train like a pro, I am more knowledgeable about how I train and what effects exercise and food have on my body. Everyone needs a Ryan!“
~ Barry Costa

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+1 (415) 279-7686